basic ingredients for the MS cookbook

Launching the Lotte Wild MS Cookbook Series


Thank you for visiting my website! I’m in the process of starting a blog to go with the Lotte Wild MS Cookbook series. The books and the website are about cooking for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the coming weeks I will be posting my ideas on cooking, eating, living, exercising with MS. About three years ago I found the OMS Program developed by Prof. Dr. George Jelinek. It’s a great program that encourages people who suffer from MS to make life style changes and take charge of their well being. The OMS program is based on a research program from the 50s by Dr. Swank and Professor Jelinek has tweaked it incorporating other medical research finding since.

One central aspect of the Swank and OMS program is a change of diet. The diet avoids all saturated fats and also omega 6 oils. It is a largely plant based, vegan diet with the addition of fish and seafood.

My blog will include recipes and ideas about how to cook healthy, yummy meals for anyone who is following a low saturated fat diet that complies with the OMS program. While the program has clear guide lines, I never found an actual MS cookbook that followed these. In the contrary, the only MS cookbook I found searching was anything but compliant. I spent years researching, experimenting, adjusting and inventing new recipes. Now I’m in the process of publishing the first of the Lotte Wild Cookbook Series. Please sign up to my newsletter and I will keep you informed about the launch. Subscribers can also avail of a launch-day discount.